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Cichlids South Florida

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At Redland Koi & Pond Co., we breed a variety of African Cichlids, Angels and more.

The Best Place for Cichlids in South Florida

Welcome to Redland Koi & Pond Co.,where you have the unique opportunity to buy stunning African Cichlids and other tropical fish. We are experienced aquarium and pond fish breeders. While the bread and butter of our business is Koi fish, we have expanded into breeding all types of cichlids and also carry a continually changing selection of other popular freshwater fish that are compatible with African cichlids. Give us a call today to learn more.

We can also be counted upon to supply high quality fish food and other necessary supplies.

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Cichlids South Florida
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Raising African Cichlids in a Pond 101

Just like in a home aquarium, there are numerous conditions that need to be met when raising cichlids in ponds. The water parameters, the size of the pond all need to be ideal for your fish. Not to mention that you need to set it up in a way that replicates their natural environment.

You should also do the research when it comes to keeping African cichlids together in a community pond. Different cichlid species have different needs. However, methods like overcrowding and providing hiding places to reduce aggression are effective regardless of the type of cichlid you have. The team at Redland Koi & Pond Co. will be happy to provide any advice you might need. Call today.

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Cichlids Hialeah

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If you are looking for help with your Koi fish or pond, give Redland Koi & Pond Co. a call today. We’re sure to have the answers you need.

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