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Koi Fish Consultations South Florida

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Need expert advice on any aspect of Koi fish breeding, whether as a business or as a hobby? Then get in touch with Redland Koi & Pond Co. today.

Our Range of Services

Redland Koi & Pond Co.’s consulting service is a personalized discussion about your project at the site. Information, advice, and options are all provided along with our pond design services.

Remember, every choice has advantages and disadvantages – it is your requirements and expectations which dictate the path to take

The impetus for many consults is a frustration with poor water quality, structural integrity and excessive maintenance. At the root of this is improper pond design coupled with a lack of filtration.

These consults generally include a complete chemical and physical written report which assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the setup. Get in touch today to learn more.

A personalized discussion with experts


Koi Fish Consultations South Florida
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Koi Fish advice and consultation

Redland Koi & Pond Co. are experts in all things ‘Koi’. The knowledge we have is well-used nowadays as we look after some of the best Koi ponds and collections of fish in South Florida. Our service can range from designing and installing your pond, through to selecting fish and servicing and maintaining.

We have experience of all the latest and traditional filtration systems, and can advise you on the best way to both design and then construct your pond, and will often be involved in the complete process from start to finish. Once your pond is ready, we can then help you to select Koi for your pond.

We also offer a full health care service, with microscope mucus testing, treating wounds and scratches, water quality monitoring, prophylactic medications and disease treatments, as well as anything else related to the wonderful world of Koi.

If you have plans to build a Koi pond, or have a pond that you would like some help with, do give us a call. We are always happy to talk Koi, and will offer help, advice and a full range of services to help you enjoy your hobby!

Always happy to talk all things Koi


Koi Fish Consultations Hialeah

Need a fin?

If you are looking for help with your Koi fish or pond, give Redland Koi & Pond Co. a call today. We’re sure to have the answers you need.

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